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Project T - OUT NOW

2013-09-14 14:31:46 by AngryBirds1999

Hi, my name is AngryBirds of vintage 1999. Today I would like to inform you that from September 14 to Newgrounds is to purchase the song famous DJs from the label Spinnin' Records: duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Sander Van Doorn created a new single, "Project T". For those who love a bit following the original mix. If you liked add the song to your favorites or to your playlist. The song is also available on SoundCloud. But the jet one note on SoundCloud am as Tomek Madry. But I invite you to download and loved the new single Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Sander Van Doorn "Project T". Thanks for your attention, and you hear the next time, hey!
Arkadiusz Kajdas as AngryBirds1999, LOL.

Project T - OUT NOW


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